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AOOL - Teachers and Class Codes 2018-2019

Good afternoon, Parents!

Here we go again! Welcome Back to AOOL! Preparations have been in full swing for your children to start making new memories within our AOOL family next week! We look forward to welcoming all students and anticipate a faith-filled, productive and fun school year.

A phone message as well as an e-mail message will be sent out tonight at approximately 7:30 pm indicating your child's class placement for the year. Please see the attached chart to find out the teacher associated with the class code you will receive. Parents will receive these messages if you School Connects information is up to date. I would request, as I did back in June, your understanding and appreciation of how difficult and challenging it is to build class lists. While your child's placement may not be your first choice, rest assured that we can work through any issues which arise throughout the year to address your child's needs. Please DO NOT call the school to request any changes to placement, this can not be accommodated. We really do appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Looking forward to seeing everyone bright and early on Tuesday for our 9:10 am start!

Wishing you a wonderful Labour Day weekend!

AOOL - Teachers and Class Codes 2018-2019